Pet and Accessories

Logistics export freight can help you with your pet, games, accessories and discreet package travel in the US (including Alaska, Hawaii, Puerto Rico, and the US Virgin Islands) and abraod. For pets, we require that your pet is fit to travel, over 8 weeks of age, and is current on their rabies vaccination (if applicable).We have a network of ground transporters we work with that can assist with cross country moves of difficult to ship snub nosed breeds. Additionally, with our network of airline carriers, we can provide airport to airport service to most airports in the United States. Planning your pet relocation in addition to moving your household can be overwhelming and time consuming.

We make arrangements for boarding, veterinary services, even advise you on temporary housing solutions that are pet friendly. Our full service staff is well versed with all the requirements to ensure your pet travels safely and arrives using the most direct route to their destination. Consequently, pet air travel is usually much less stressful on your pet and your family than trying to move your pet in the car.

Our Pet transportation options include;

  1. Safety of your pet and comfort stops.
  2. Paperwork reviews
  3. Veterinary services
  4. Door to door delivery
  5. Travel crates (we also keep our finger on the market to see where you can order them the cheapest)
  6. Kennel preparations
  7. Booking of all flights and comfort stops
  8. Boarding & kenneling
  9. Monitoring of pets travel and addressing transportation delays due to weather, mechanical issues, or illness.

Whether you are looking for pet travel because of a job change, vacation, rescue organizations, or even adoption, we can help with all your pets travel needs! Complete our pet travel request form today for a no-obligation estimate – Request an estimate or call us to speak to a Pet Transportation Specialist about your specific travel plan needs.IN